01-waves-space-change-planetsBy tinaheals

There is this constant reflection in me that analyzes, edits, stores or deletes every thought, idea and action.

This reflection is no abstraction.

It’s as bright and omnipotent as the Sun itself,

It never ceases its processes.

Analyzing, decoding, retrieving, and assimilating memories.

Memories are like flimsy friend, here now gone tomorrow.

Forgotten or edited.

Memories do not simply remain as they’re meant to,

There are processes that add or subtract to them,

That embellishes them or disrobes them.

Not one memory that exists can be true.

The phenomenon of remembering is a hoax unto itself without a shadow of doubt.

Then can we trust this reflective process?

You know, often no judgement exists in this reflection,

There is just the Cognizer.

Thoughts, thoughts, thoughts and more reflection!

Can we imagine a great Cosmic mind reflecting on all there is?

We’re a part of that cognitive process.

From the macro world of bacteria and viruses,

To the gigantic star clusters.

Are we not a reflection of this Universal Mind?



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