Collective Cosmic Orgasm

Venus enters Pisces. Mars is waiting there for her already from the 19th of last month! Waiting patiently, swimming in the chaotic, emotional seas of Pisces. Bringing the mystical to the forefront, brooding, pensive, elated and inspired too. Dichotomy! Ah! Such is the flavour of the month. Swimming in samsara. Drowning in misery and suffering infused with sudden bursts of “good times” and then bam, you’re back to like a zombie stage.

You remember the happiness, but now you’re NUMB! You remember the pain, but now you don’t bleed. Mars in Pisces has that sort of ethereal other-worldly feeling! Kafkaesque! Oh, oh who else is Venus joining??? A huge bevy of heavyweights- Sun, Pluto, Neptune, the South node or Ketu(has karmic written all over it)and Chiron, the wounded healer or the Magician of the Tarot.

Note down these days- 8th Jan to 6th Feb- this is the open portal and time warp to tune into these energies. Somehow try to work with sound when trying to raise your frequencies…try Tibetan singing bowls, Bhramari pranayam, other chants or switchwords…basically you figure out how sound works best for you and use it.

Sound is one of the quickest portals to tap into dimensional planes. See my lovelies, the astro out there is having a party and we’re getting some of that stardust. This is a huge healing energy wave for humanity. Ready for this my lovelies? Open your hearts. Last year has been so much of a challenge for all of humanity. Personal stories of pathos, to composite sagas of cultural deaths, the vandalism of the society and zombification of our culture.

To desensitising, to mass dehumanising, yes that is a gift we have given ourselves. We are the co-creators and we are sitting in the theatre of the bizarre and grotesque. We are the spectators, we are the creators. There is no separation of the I AND YOU.

Downloadable files- compassion….bleep, CORRUPTED. REDOWNLOAD. TRY AGAIN. Furiously click away, but nope, nothing. All fails…DOWNLOAD EMPATHY. You try to click. Oops look what happened! Mercury Retrograde and you clicked on NARCISSISM. Was it parading as COMPASSION? Where is all this downloadable files. It’s not there in the computer of my brain. They look missing. Deleted.

There is a cosmic orgasm. Of the collective artistic community. The internal artist might have or might NOT have taken birth. Might be going through a cocoon phase.

Why not start something to join in this collective orgasm of the mind, body and soul? Why not express the one thought that you have held in your mind? Why not write? Sing? Dance? Have more sex? Get creative in bed? Why not develop clairvoyance as your gift to the world? The possibilities are endless! I am looking forever…for something, for someone unknown, for a slice of life I have never lived…are you too???

In that case, your yearnings will become quite severe. Can you handle it? It might take you to adventures you’ve never envisaged but are  you willing to take that leap? Not all are prepared. Not all want that. Where do you stand. Make up your mind by yourself. Nothing and no one can influence you. You are the director of this flick. Now go and be Quentin. Badass!

Expect the glitches in the matrix to appear much more from the very beginning of the new year and that magical energy continues well through Jan into Feb. I smell a renewal. A new awakening of the 4D experience! Uranus going DIRECT is making me so fucking optimistic about a huge breakthrough in tech.

Also there is a sense of Astro+tarot and other divination and healing modalities going very mainstream with Neptune adding to these blessings. The occult world will be very much in the foreground.

Healing is also a central motif in this cosmic art project due to Chiron’s influence. “Chiron taught his students how to become “sacred warriors”; how to follow their quests and then go to death peacefully when the time comes. He taught his students how to access multidimensionality and balance polarization and duality. Today we might call such people “shaman,” – Those who have learned to walk in other dimensions, work with duality, synthesize male and female, human and animal, mind and body, life and death.” by M.Z. (Mary) Hawkins

So think of how Chiron will always push us to “heal” polarities. Heal the world. Heal yourself. As above, so below.

So this Merc Retro started off a tad bit rough on my tech. My brand new S7Edge conked off. Battery and display issues. An angry spouse and long queue and dealing with incompetent Samsung authorities, I was ready to jump off a cliff. But I began to deep breath and chant and mantra. Slowly but surely, I began to calm down and realise my folly. Work with the energy.

Not being able to erase a nagging thought. Will my cell create problems again during other Merc Retro cycles? The wise will live to tell the tale. 😉

I suggest going dancing by the sea and then ending it with yoga. Juices and fruits only the next day. Organic of course and then begin a new cycle. Try it. Try it. I double dare you. Join in, tune into the collective cosmic orgasm about to begin.

Invoke Venus!

Pisces keywords:

Poetic, mystical, intuitive, receptive, graceful, imaginative, compassionate, sensitive and romantic. 

aphrodite_venus_greek_goddess_art_08LOVE IS THE LESSON VENUS IN PISCES IS TEACHING US!!!


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