Why did demonetisation happen?

Pluto in Capricorn…

Whatever Pluto comes in contact is alchemically transformed forever. Pluto may just be the proverbial Philosopher’s stone. When you are touched by Pluto and come under its energies, you will come away totally changed. All the junk files you had gathered on your being will be deleted by Pluto. And no friend. No recovery. Pluto, the ruler of the underworld will turn to dust what no longer is aligned with our soul purpose. There is nothing shallow about this transformation. Pluto is intense. It will create a depth in you you’ve never seen before. You will get lighter by what is burnt away. But during the transit, you will HAVE TO FACE YOUR DEMONS. Nov 27th, 2008 Pluto enters Capricorn. We know what happened just the day before in Bombay. 26/11/2008 happened. Bombay’s greatest terrorist attack. The city was under siege if mainstream media is to be believed. Imagine what change Pluto’s movement was causing. Pluto had been in Saggi from 1995. So much has been happening since then- THE INTERNET WAS BIRTHED!!! I rest my case.

On the flip side, Pluto brings scandal. And boy, have we not seen some hardcore scandals come to light.

Capricorn is all about structure and tradition. Banking, financial institutions, lawyers, architecture, governments, all fall under it. So what is Pluto doing within it?

The Gandhi family fell and a chaiwala was elected the PM of India.

We have seen the ugly side of fundamentalism pop up, at home, and in the US. Pluto is changing forever what we have built whether we like it or not. Things that are not serving us anymore, will fall away.

Narendra Modi, Trump, promised CHANGE. Not the same old Gandhi family scion or the crooked war mongering Dem Hillary. They were rejected for NEW. BJP, the Right, all arose from this energy. Don’t think Pluto is done. There is much change to do and each day we will see these institutions get decimated. There will be CHANGE and radical change which we must embrace.

That in short is why DEMONITIZATION happened. The banks and the old currency system will be destroyed and a new digital economy will be built. Pluto may break again and again till it passes into its next journey.

Of course many other celestial bodies are supporting and aiding this shift…so expect major, major changes…images-3

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