Mars in Pisces

That night 19th of Dec, Mars enters Pisces. Now Merc also goes retro. I have all these crazy ideas that are running through my mind. I want to create content out of thin air. Don’t know why but Merc retro is a huge add on to my creativity. Yet my cell is dead. So no more instagram posts that will be shared on FB as well. No more exchange with the world.

Pisces Moon here. Obsessed with the more feminine sides of life- occult, emotions, feelings…and the idea of falling in love. This Leo sun thing coupled with the Leo Ascendant with my moon in Pisces is always making me mourn for things that were not. Looking for something, someone, some experience. Moody, mystical, dreamy, psychic…all the baggage there.

Wondering if this was it, you know? Will this person, who happens to be the father of my child be my partner forever? Will there ever be any other person? There I was, in Goa, all alone…I felt excited. I could meet anybody in the world.

Goa is known to be open to people from all over the world. So my twinflame could be here. So I kept an open mind. Suddenly an interesting tune began to play. I looked to the DJ cabin and guess what- the DJ looked exactly like my partner. I mean EXACT. Same hair, same face, same height…like a xerox copy. Mars in Pisces…Ah the mystical Pisces.

Now I cannot even begin to tell you how cathartic it was looking at that face. The poor DJ must have been wondering why this city woman is staring at me? Who the fuck is she?

So now I was just put in my place by the mystical Pisces. Yes Mars made me want to take action…to want to see if other options were available. Yet what did this energy translate into Pisces? Completely surreal.

Now Pisces is known to be the wild card. In tarot, the card for Pisces is the moon. Again symbolism deals with intuition, emotions, polarities, sexuality. The Moon card has a certain element of confusion attached to it. This is often times pejoratively connected to women. All women are confused, blah, blah…we’ve all had our fill of misogynistic jokes and digs at women. So this confusion is not necessarily bad. The feminine principle is actually receptive and passive, unlike the yang energy which is active and penetrating. This confusion may keep them open to growth because they are never so sure that they will become dogmatic. Of course women now a days are all prototypical males in the working. They exhibit mostly masculine traits as society has shown them that that is desirable. Being a woman or feminine is often derided. As if the feminine is only about looking pretty and bearing babies. That is what patriarchy and Mars which is a representation of things masculine have turned the feminine or Pisces into. Mars on his negative days is aggressive, possessive, and a control freak.

How did I assimilate this crazy energy. The Moon in tarot. Of course the cars were with me. Hand in hand we walked as my partner’s doppelganger played some eerie tunes. I had heard them before. From chaos arises fertility, I think Anais Nin said that. Fuck I can claim to be a good disciple of that principle. My life is chaos personified. Always has been. From this chaos, I have churned and churned to make my magic potion.

I am stirring and churning away all the confusion, all the chaos. I am cooking the chaos. My psychic energies were activated and I felt the wind go through me as if it carressed each atom of my body.

The sea was humming. A deep hum. It was driving me crazy. Strolling alone…thinking of the Mars in all the multiverses. Entering Pisces? Just a dream! A conscious cock entering the cosmic vagina.

Oh and the party felt like my life…it is just ABOUT TO BEGIN…not quite there yet. But this might be an awakening. This jolt into my insides. Mars is steaming the Pisces seas and heating me up. I surrender to my intuition. It knows what my body craves for. Like the Pisces confusion personified. You know how the Moon card is about waiting…I was right there…waiting for the music to take off, the crowd to fill and the energy to spike up. But nothing happened.

Just the danse macabre. There is no sunshine. There is no other experience available to me right now. Don’t look for it for the mirror will be shown right back. In this case, the same face. Unmistakable. Unbelievable. There is no getting out of this karmic soup my higher self is cooking.

Very moist on emotions. Very sensitive to flowing kundalini.

Let’s this how this confusion takes shape in 2017!!!mars-in-pisces

My cell, a brand new S7EDGE got fucked. The whole display had to be changed because the port was damaged. Merc Retro hitting me with this now.



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