Astro-Psychic insights, Dec 30th, 2016


Moon in Capricorn Square Jupiter, Sun Sextile Neptune, Moon into Aquarius, Building into Mars Conjunct Neptune.

New Moons and Full Moons often influence us for the 3 days before and 3 days after the actual event. So we are very much under the NEW MOON magic.

The Moon is nascent. It is in Capricorn, the very core of fatherhood. The Moon is the symbol of the mother. In that sense, there is a copulation happening, a very essential merging to bring forth creative energy. Have you set your intentions?

Have you invoked the power of this Capricorn Moon? If not, do it now. Write down all your inner most wants, thoughts, desires, goals. Make peace with your enemies. Strip down bare in your journal. So you get to know you.

The earth signs like Capricorn want action. But don’t rip your hair out just yet. The astro is telling us to soak in the vibes of the ending year. Reflect please. Merc will help you. It always does so in retro. It shows you so much. It shows you your purpose, if not more. And your soul purpose. WHO ARE YOU? WHO AM I? Do you ask yourself this at all? If not, get on it and if yes, then maybe you’re getting closer to the answer.

Align, Adjust, Activate!!!

Don’t forget to eat your greens and fruits during the party season. Don’t get carried away. We are being able to build on what Jupiter, Saturn and Chiron have taught us. We have assimilated those lessons and now we can put them to use. Mars in Pisces will have to get deeper with Neptune…so we have to be OPEN and receptive to energies and the occult. black-hole

This configuration will add a dash of noir to your imagination.

On the 31st, Saturn in Saggi will be trining Uranus in Aries…what do we have there? A candid face off between radical ideals and groundbreaking revolutionary thoughts.



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