11800601_10155639151936980_3982148769340726645_nAre you feeling like everything is not what it seems? Do you sense that there is an inner voice that is urging  you to seek truths. Are your friends scoffing at you and calling you a conspiracy theorist? Don’t take it to heart…

It is all about Mars in Pisces…whoa! A very intense configuration. The ARCHETYPE of this is the SPIRITUAL WARRIOR. What? You ask. Isn’t that an oxymoron right there??

Spiritual warrior? Can such a thing even exist. Yes…Buddha, Christ, Ramana Maharshi, Paramhamsa Yogananda are all SPIRITUAL WARRIORS.


Mars is MARS…a warrior like none other. But mystical Pisces manages to tame that aggression into LOVE. Now often times these Spiritual Warriors have been persecuted, yet they have never shied away from voicing their truths.

Now it is your time. Your time to speak your truth. Are you open to love? Do you consider yourself to be a part of the WHOLE? Or are you alienated and dehumanized?

Mars in Pisces is giving you the fuel. Power your soul. You may find yourself escaping into dreamlands, into idyllic times in your mind. This is necessary. Meditate. Journal away. Speak to a tree or simply sit hugging it. Trees can sense all your feelings and emotions and will often be the best guide you can ask for.

Mars in Pisces is so very different from say Mars in Aries. This time the energy of this planet is not about confrontations or crazy action. It is about learning to trust synchronicity. It is about knowing that there is something greater than you. That is LOVE. And love not as some selfish, possessive feeling. But LOVE as an expression of LIFE.

Let’s take a look at the energies of Neptune, the ruler of Pisces. Neptune is often times labelled as the planet of illusion. But I think this is a rather narrow outlook. Neptune, the God of the sea is about depth. It signals our intuition, psychic powers, dreamscapes and the negatives manifest as confusion and illusion. Now in this world of duality, everything has its good and bad. Let me emphasise, our spiritual being is nourished by this planet’s energies. But Neptune is a slow moving planet so its major influences are generational. Yes individually we do tend to feel its energies, but Neptune’s changes can usually be felt through generations.

Neptune is mostly fluid and the hotbed of abstract thought for humanity. What would humans do without the mysterious, the bizarre, the strange? Life would be boring…

Very favourable activities during this time would be music, poetry and dance. It can take us to spiritual heights we’ve never experienced. Also Neptune rules over all media. Films, documentaries, theatre and fashion. So it is also the planet of glamour.

I can sense that a lot of you are suffering from unhealthy sleep patterns. Do pranayama and tratak. These will be your main tools to combat depression and insomnia.

Neptune’s downside also signals dependency. Drugs, alcohol, sex, gambling, food…all  kinds of addictions. So be aware and take care.

Neptune is the higher octave of Venus. So the love you feel here is unearthly, surreal…but you must remember to ride the higher frequencies of this planet and not get caught in the lower rungs.

We create our destinies each moment. Each and every individual on this plane is contributing to the ongoing “reality”… We are the makers of our lives. The film of our life is directed by us and we are the main stars in it. So how is your film coming along?

AWARENESS, LOVE, KINDNESS…keep them in your arsenal my spiritual warriors and may a new reality dawn upon us.



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