I thought I’d do a special Christmas astro insight post. What does the sky look like today? Which planets are taking centre stage this Christmas?

The Moon in Scorpio. What does that mean? Your intuitive side is very potent. Your imagination is on fire and so are your senses. Moon in Scorpio is a very sensual experience.

In a positive aspect the Moon is sextiling Mercury, the planet of communication and intellect. So what’s cooking there? Our intellectual mind is bursting with imagination. Creative ideas and solutions can appear at any time. Be aware. I feel straight-out charged. Very hyper. My mind has become so very active this Merc retro time.

Who else is feeling so charged? I think quite a lot of you. Don’t waste that energy on shallow drinking and clubbing. Do something meaningful today. Watch the sunset, see a shooting star, listen to the waves with a fellow traveller in the sea of life.

The Moon sextiles Pluto. This is indeed a very sexy configuration. This makes us feeling powerful and sexual.

Lastly Saturn and Uranus are involved in a trine. Again this is super positive. Saturn is structure and Uranus is breaking of structure. Yes they are the opposites, but these energies can provide much existential fodder for deeper introspection. How does structure deal with chaos. How does chaos hold its footing in structure. Impossible, yet, possible. We do it everyday.

This energy kind of reminds me of Brahma and Shiva. Shiva is like Uranus, the destroyer. Brahma, the builder is like Saturn. Through building and destruction can we peel off layers and reach to the core of our beings. There is a spiritual vibe about this.




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