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The sweetest nectar is within…

The Hummingbird always fascinated me. The fluttering of the wings of the birds make infinity symbols. They move in the pattern on infinity.

The Hummingbird totem arrived in my life to make me rethink my WHOLE EXISTENCE. I have always been closely affiliated with the Animal Kingdom. Animals fascinate me, inspire awe in me, put me in a creative mood and just make me happy.

I have to confess that I’m that person in the party who spends a lot of time with the family companion animal.

I have been rescuing and healing animals since I can remember and at present I am the caregiver of a few canines and felines, most of them, rescues.

I hate the way human beings refer to other humans pejoratively calling them animals. Hello! Animals don’t do anything compared to humans. Animals live with nature, they adapt, they are a part of nature. Man divorces himself from nature and becomes a threat to her. Man kills for sport, animals kill for survival. Man will stab you even after pretending to be your best friend, an animal will never do that.

Animals are not ego infested like humans. They know the secret of life. EXIST. JUST BE. Yes the greatest thing we can learn from them is how to JUST BE. No forcing, no pushing, no desires, no disappointments…just existence.

I seriously wish I will be able to be like them and exist totally in the present. Being so connected to dogs, wolves obviously fascinated me.

When I learnt from my shamanic teacher in Rishikesh that animal totems present themselves when we need to learn from them. The wolf was presenting itself to me time and again. I kept seeing wolves everywhere. I cannot even tell you how surreal things were. Wolves, wolves, wolves everywhere…

It was then that I came across the switchword- WOLF-MAGIC-BEGIN-NOW! I began to repeat this mentally. I began to visualise the eyes of the wolf.

I cannot tell you how the wolf consciousness began to evade mine. Whenever I call upon my “wolf”, she is there.

My wolf is my pure consciousness. She is my inner voice and I always listen to her. Ignoring her, I have noticed has always got me in trouble. There have been situations when I have gone against her warnings and boy, have I suffered.

The wolf totem has cleaned my own energy and infused my being with the positivity wolfness. I have worked closely with animals and am a vegan, so anyway my connection to the animal world is strong. But even if you are not connected to them, know this, they are as much a part of creation as you are. They are as needed as you and me.

Don’t be afraid of animals. They are pure and embody innocence. Being an empath, I actually “hear” animals. I sense their energy.

I can tell you that this exploitation of animals and the atrocities of animal farming is hurting the soul growth of every single person on this planet. The pain, the hurt, the suffering is being felt y us all, collectively.

Humans and animals are meant to be companions. Humans are meant to care for and protect them, but look at our world now. Kids torturing kittens and putting it online for hits, man pulping a dog to dead, a monkey crucified like Jesus! Why?

What is the point of inflicting so much pain?

Do we humans not feel pain?

Do we not have families??? Like they do. Then why can’t we understand and be compassionate? Let me tell  you, humans are meant to listen to animals, they are meant to talk to them and love them. Try it. You might like it.

Feed a dog and try to inculcate animal love. Through that, you will find your totem.

If a wolf attracts you, then meditate on the wolf. Find out all about it and visualise it. Talk to the wolf, tell her what you want to. She will listen.

If you dream about any animal, then it might be a sign that your totem is trying to communicate with you.

Loving and accepting animals as our companions will alleviate much pain from this world. Let’s do this together.




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