The Hummingbird in small Vagator

200-1Buckle up bitches…
Back home to Bombay…you call it Mumbai…for me home is BOMBAY.
Now I have ridiculous amounts of shit to share.
Will get to my comp soon after I’ve reached home.
Firstly I am going to call myself the #guruof #mercuryretro why? You ask. Tell me did you call your dad, mom, brother and husband all in one go to say that everything is A okay?? I did. I also opened upto my partner about things I have kept hidden locked and bolted…I released it in the sea…all the pain, the hurt, the regret.
Cathartic yes…and it felt almost as good as the film Purge..but in this case I did not kill any other person..but destroyed my own self destructive self sabotage tendencies…as much as I could…it was healing…felt like a cosmic orgasm…except this took place in my mind and continued like forever…so yeah this time it was Goa scrubbing my soul with scotchbrite…it hurt…but then I was clean. Whew!
So what did you do this time Merc is grinding back baby.
Oh oh..Mars in Pisces has opened up another chapter in my life…soon soon my lovelies…
#blogging soon with all the masala.
Coming up just for you…
Alone under the skies of small vagator…staring at the skies…calling upon shamanic powers of plants, the stars called out to me.
They have never been more articulate…and they are willing to let me be your spirit guide to assist you, heal you and love you…
So let’s get the party started…

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