WHAT ASTROLOGY IS NOT #Musingsofthehummingbird

People let me tell you a few really annoying things about how people react when they hear you’re an ASTROLOGER. They bombard me with questions. Questions about whether they should get married. Whether they should travel. Whether they should buy the house.

It’s difficult to explain to people that ASTROLOGY IS NOT FORTUNE TELLING people. I don’t have a crystal ball which shows me your future. I do have crystal balls, but they don’t show me your future.

Also people expect me to know when exactly they will meet their husbands or wives. Yes I can sense from your auric field if you’re ready for it or not, but NOTHING IS DEFINED IN IRON. Your future is ever changing, like quantum particles in space and time.

You are INFINITE and you can create INFINITE OPTIONS.

Astrology gives us timings by the movement of the planets through which we experience and learn life lessons for our soul growth. Astrology can clarify for you which energies will predominate in your life. What will you be taught about- sex, love, family??

It can guide you to find the correct time for your endeavour. Yet, again! You create your own timing too. No matter how difficult the aspects are above, you can channelise that chaos into fertility and be able to lubricateimages-2 your life with thoughts, ideas, sensations.


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