Musings of the Hummingbird

No I did not plan for this line of work. I was always interested in astrology, yes, and spend a lot of my pocket money consulting different types of spiritual people, babas, fakirs, Padres, mystics, black magicians, tantrics, wiccans…you name it, I have looked into it and probably consulted someone in that field. I could read charts from a very young age and I always kept at it. Reading charts for friends, colleagues and family, I became the in-house, quick fix astrologer. Face reading and palmistry, aura reading and tarot, all of these branches of divination combined, I offer specially drafted readings for my clients.

There was a quiz on Buzzfeed I think, what is your secret superpower. And yes I answered it, like I do most quizzes on Buzzfeed, after all it’s important to know what kind of cake or cocktail I am. Don’t you think? Now this quiz laid it out for me- HEALER!

Believe me, if I could, I would heal every single person, animal, fish, all sentient beings, I would…

In fact this super perceptive sixth sense in me which led to visions, feelings and emotions was something I ignored. Drowning it away, I went through a very chaotic childhood, adolescent, till pretty much into my twenties. But then one day, I let all these visions take shape in my mind and I listened to the voices. The energy around me really impacts me. I’m an Empath so I sense things very intensely. I had to suppress this feeling of total emotional identification with people.

This energy in me came alive during meditation. Also unlike other psychics, I don’t see dead people. Not like the Sixth Sense anyway. I sense energy. I feel temperature. I sense touch. Sometimes they arrive like flashes.

My psychic experiences sometimes leaves me stunned as messages from the other side are often incoherent or unclear. It’s like I “FEEL” things and understand parts of a puzzle. A lot of energy is then put into interpreting the images and feelings objectively. If it is about entities that have unfinished work, then I try to help them  move on. Even animals.

Sometimes it is about a song, sometimes it is comprehending a lesson, often times it is guilt release and surrender to the Universe. That is what the other side tells me.

Often times, a few words will float into my head. I pen them down. I may not know the meaning behind it immediately, but I try to look into it.

Most of the time, it is about someone who is present in my life at that very moment. People come and go. I watch them come and go. When they’re here, it feels like they are so connected to me, but when they go, they just go.

Saturn in the Eighth! Yes. But life has taught me only one thing. That I am here to help understand messages from the Spirit World and to share them with people.

I see auras on people. I feel their pain, sometimes the pain is physical, sometimes it is mental and a lot of the times, it is spiritual. In fact all ailments begin there and finally become dense and appear as DIS-EASE.

Although working in media for over a decade, I have always kept up with my spiritual practises. I do provide “life coaching and soul coaching”, and spiritual work is my calling. I feel it closer each day.

Yet these messages and insights don’t arrive everyday. They are random, like life itself. They just APPEAR! And there they are! Sometimes I know what to do with them, sometimes, I don’t. But I am always ready to listen, to interpret…these messages from the other side.

In deep meditation, I try to call upon higher entities and beings of great light. I call upon the Yogis of Gyanganj and special sadhus whom I have soul connection with. I have surrendered to the Goddess energy, or the great Maa. I call her Earth, I call her Kali or Tara. She is water, she is the moon, she is the personification of femininity and the great co-creatrix with the Divine Masculine.

She is the energy and I am the medium. It’s her composition, I’m just singing.Hummingbird in Flight


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