Alright folks! Let’s get the retrograde party moving. Yay! Mercury on the 19th stations retrograde. The shadow period has been quite intense and I’ve felt it quite strongly. This is happening in the Earth sign of Capricorn.

Highlighted again will be governmental issues, and we’ve had a strong dose of that happening under the influence of the cardinal t-square with Jupiter in Libra opposite Uranus in Aries, both are in hard aspect to Pluto in Capricorn. The situation in Aleppo, demonitization and a Trump presidency…we’ve all been wading around in some hardcore quagmire of shit. This will flare up political issues, scandals, mudslinging. We see that in India with Rahul Gandhi’s claims.

Mercury is with Pluto in Capricorn, a very practical sign but the retrograde does not end there. It ends in Sag after Merc crawls back on Jan 4th. The next full moon is in Cancer where we will pay special attention to our emotional worlds, family, security and such things. For now energy will be externalized with this retrograde which could be favorable to make change and create a better future. We are getting more and more antsy with our governments. We want change! We might collectively pay attention to the genocide in Syria because Merc will be conjunct Pluto, the planet of death, change and transformation.

Ok babes! This is going to be a potent energy vortex and you must be able to handle this onslaught. Spiritual practices must be started. DO NOT DELAY.

So the last four days will be in Sag and be aware to not get in the negative energies of Sag. So keep a level head. Keep away from douche bags who might lure you with nothing but big talk. You could experience delay and problems with travel, comes with this territory.

Be careful of dealing with legal issues. Double check.

During this retrograde, Merc will make a sextile to Neptune in Pisces on 26th Dec. It is a positive aspect and can increase empathy, imaginations and creative energy.

Dec 28th, Merc aligns with the Sun and sextile Mars which is going to give us much positivity in this relatively dark phase. This could help us FOCUS and with the SUN’S positive aspect we should be heading towards our soul path with Mars’ push.

Merc also sextiles Venus on Jan 3rd and connecting and sharing spaces with people will become easy and engaging. These “GOOD ASPECTS” will bring us much needed BLESSINGS from the UNIVERSE.

A new Moon on Dec 29th conjuncting this retrograde Merc in Capricorn! What can we expect?

Keep your eyes on the political arena!

P.S- Today is a great day for ROMANCE under a Leo moon. So if you’re looking to propose a fire sign woman, especially a Leo woman, DO IT!

Also the sexy conjunction between Mars and Neptune in Pisces on New year’s eve will lead to lot of steamy affairs and intense sex, Mars is all fire baby and Neptune is ICE. A SONG OF FIRE AND ICE…mercury_mag


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