This week has some super combustible sexual energy in the air. Coz baby, on Tuesday Mars and Uranus share a cosmic hug. The energy is sexual and experimental. You might feel like trying out new things, exploring new vistas when it comes to the sack. No you won’t be interested in the missionary. No you won’t want the lights off and no you will not settle for anything less than sizzling chemistry.
So get out of this stuck feeling. Get to the spa with that someone or get some new toys to experiment with. This energy is extremely charged because on Wednesday things get amplified when Venus moves into Aquarius. Sexy Venus will be there till Jan 3rd. Now this energy is all about merging sex with friendship. If you’re with someone for physical attraction, then it might flake off. This is the time to realise what real connection could do, on the physical, mental and spiritual levels.
When we make love, our auras merge. It is not just physical energies that are exchanged, there is also our auric fields that get affected. So just don’t go ahead trying to get laid with everything on two legs, just chill.
Some best friends of the opposite sex may hook up and this could be permanent.
Mars, the masculine archetype is in Aquarius and his yin is Venus. So with Venus heading into the same house, we can expect the commingling of male female energies. This may result in sex or interesting conversations for some. For some it may mean soul connection and for some, marriage.
So what does your love life look like this month?


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