Abundance cheques for new moon

People I have started writing ABUNDANCE cheques to myself!!!

Yay! It is a money enhancing technique where you write yourself a cheque from the Universe and sign it- “FROM THE LAW OF ABUNDANCE…”

Alright now you’re about to fall off that chair. How can writing a cheque to yourself bring actual concrete money?

It not only brings money, but truly manifests abundance in whatever area you need it to. This is about bringing your subconscious mind to accept abundance.

Now many of us have unhealthy relationships with money. It is after all the root of all evil right. Now see this idea is incorrect.

It is not MONEY THAT IS EVIL…It is what people do with it that makes them evil.

Accept that money is here to provide for you and your family. Be thankful each time you handle it.

Also do not keep money crumpled or stuffed. Always spread them out.

So lot of these neuro-linguistic modalities are about self suggestion. Open up.

Write yourself anbd490c0e97dac0db868c91e1a54778d8 abundance cheque the upcoming new moon and see what happens


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