Psychic Musings over chai

Life is what happens to you when you are busy making other plans…this kept playing in my head. Kay Sera, Sera11060257_10155639150481980_8252363509255351910_n folks…chill out!

This morning was just chaos. But in a good kinda way. The way you wake up all flustered and happy right before a game or speech. You’re excited with what’s going to happen, yet not totally aware of the outcome.

This Neptune in Pisces is truly active, for me, a Pisces moon.

There was this huge, and I mean HUGE excitement stemming from the bottom of my being, but I was unable to erase out the feeling of anxiousness that kept resurfacing.

Somehow I keep feeling like 2020 is actually going to be the true start of the 21st century. There is so much junk we have accumulated from the past and that great purge is happening. We’re RELEASING those outdated models.

The suppression of the feminine energy in the world in important positions will tell you how toxic masculinity has created a world out of balance, based on fear and exploitation.

Yadey yadey ya…like so what?

As if we don’t know that right. See this ACCEPTANCE is what is keeping us here. We are caught in this INEVITABILITY because we think we cannot do anything about it.

Fight Club showed us how one man could CHANGE the world. I am not an anarchist, but that film spoke out of how one common pleb could birth Tyler and break the backs of the establishment.

This sort of energy is in the air. Age of Aquarius people. More power to the people.

During my psychic revelations, all I can sense from the SOURCE CODE is QUANTUM ENTANGLEMENT. The absolute obvious- WE ARE ALL CONNECTED.

2017 to 2020 has been called crisis cardinal cross years by some astrologers. Yes there will be CRISIS. I sense that totally. But what we need to ask is where is this CRISIS LEADING US?

What is the future. Neptune is associated with water. Look what is happening in Standing Rock to the WATER PROTECTORS. I feel their pain. I AM AN EMPATH.

I sense pain, pleasure and all your feelings. It does not give me any super power, just  makes me extremely sensitive to people and emotions. This era of turmoil is going to be difficult for us all. Intense transformations are taking place.

Kind of like THE TOWER card of the tarot deck. Yes you’re falling, but there is a feeling of rebirth.

December does have some favourable trines and planetary positioning so that we may be alleviated(Saturn-Uranus trine (a very positive aspect). Last time this happened was in 2003. I feel like some of you are battling through very difficult times, but this too shall pass.

So remember that transformation is important for human evolution. No matter what you do, make sure it comes from the heart.

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