Neptune Direct


I have to confess that as Neptune began to station to go direct, I began to feel intense pangs. As if I was missing someone. Missing something. Someone with whom I shared a life. Someone I do not know. Songs make me tearful, places that my conscious mind has no connections with, begins to whisper in my ear. As if there is someone out there…

People this is very much the Neptune energy. Making you earn for a home away from now. As if that other Tina from a parallel Universe had evicted this Tina and is now living in my head. That Tina has a whole different life and I am yearning for it. Not possible.

I have felt Neptune before but this transit has packet more of a punch. But the saving grace is that Neptune is entering the dance floor at the right time. Jupiter, Saturn, Pluto already on the dance floor and this time they’re dancing like no one is watching.

these planets are yearning for change and they want to rebuild new ideas, new systems, new mechanisms. Here comes in Neptune bringing his dreamy energy and wham, the other three are inspired and energised.

If Neptune is in harmonious aspect then boy, your life can change in a second. A nano second. Yes. Usually during such harmonious placements, Neptune inspires us to change our lives. Create the world you want. Neptune is pushing us to do away with REDUNDANT IDEAS AND VALUES. Destroy that bigotry! Orthodoxy and INTOLERANCE will only create war and divisive mentalities. No more stagnation in the mud. Be that LOTUS that springs forth from muck and then rises up to merge with spirit. The lotus symbolises spiritual growth and is an apt metaphor for these times.

So grow and adapt. Destroy that misogyny. Go feed hungry people and animals. Meet people of other cultures and open your heart. Embrace CHANGE. Think of what works the best for NOW. BE THE NOW.

Pluto in Capricorn has shown us our true selves after Uranus in Aries lifted the veil. It has brought all the junk to the surface. Look at that junk. Recycle whatever you can and the rest??? RELEASE!!!

Neptune is all about the SILENCE in you. That silence that becomes so powerful that it can crack the noisy shield of humanity around you. SILENCE brings you closer to the SOURCE CODE.


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