Eat yourself, do the world a favour!!!

A man lynched. Location- Uttar Pradesh. Reason- Consumption and storage of beef! Seriously!

As much as I might hate the slaughter of an innocent cow, I will never ever support such bloody acts of violence perpetrated by hate. I condone and abhor violence in any form. Yes I’d not even want to hurt a plant by eating it, but to survive I must. Inflicting pain on animals with a central nervous system is however, a completely different ball game.

Supposed intellectual/ porno writer Shobha Dey has challenged fanatics to come and kill her, because she ate beef! tada!

The ridiculousness of this all is actually mind baffling! A country in strife, religious fanaticism on the rise, lack of mutual respect, distrust! This is the general feeling I get. And things will get only worse.

With morons like Shobha Dey “speaking out”, issues at hand can only escalate. Solving them is not a possibility. Violence begets violence. A cow is a sentient being and she is holy, yes, like you and me and all of creation!

A pig is not haraam, but is super intelligent and very, very loving. Studies show that people working in slaughterhouses have a tendency to be violent. Hello! But of course. What do you expect? Your thoughts, your actions make you the person you are. Dealing with death, perpetrating it, can only have devastating results.

Please ban meat, not because the cow is sacred to the Hindu and you are a Muslim, so you must go against all that is holy for the Hindu. Do it because it is right, it is ethical. Cows are sentient beings and they have a right to live, like you and me. They have a right to experience this reality, to eat green grass, to frolic in the sun.

Pigs are not bacon. They are life too, like the cow and deserve an equal chance at living, experiencing. Look deep into your heart, think of life, it’s complexity, it’s beauty, it’s diversity! Doesn’t it amaze you!

Life amazes me in it’s most macro detail. When I see ants, I am fascinated! Their world, their movement, their dedication is awe-inspiring! Similarly when I look up, at the sky, or breathe fresh air, or feel the sun on my face, the waves at my feet, I truly feel alive.

I want that life for us all. Religion is not divisive. Religion is not hatred. It is all about peace and love and the final awakening!

Respecting life is the key to living a conscious way. As we become aware of what our deeds, our actions are doing to the world around us, we get closer to this conscious living.

Spirituality stems from a deep space within, from the void, the sunyata in all of us, from a filed of unity. People argue that eating meat does not make them less spiritual, blah, blah, blah.

If you ever find true spirituality, you will never be party to hurting a living, breathing being for food. NEVER!!! You will be love and you shall feel only love. But none of us are in that stage yet, of course. But some of us who realize that killing for food, or for sport or for fun, just does not cut it for us. We feel their pain, we hear/feel their cries, we become them.


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